An anthropologist’s diary on the egyptian revolution

An anthropologist’s log on the Egyptian Revolution is there in According to the website, “Jadaliyya is an independent Ezine produced by ASI (Arab Studies Institute), a network of writers associated with the Arab Studies Journal (”

The log is worth reading.

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Walk like an Egyptian…

Egyptian Revolution 2011 : an Egyptian walking down to the Police holding a poster.

Hosni Mubarak Resigned along with the ‘regime’. A few minutes ago. 18 days of people’s power has brought down the dictator. Tens of lakhs of people came down to the streets in Cairo, Suez, Alexandria and in almost all cities of Egypt giving us a unique opportunity to witness a history.

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Please note that this blog is about humanitarian intervention in society. Let us embrace modesty, soberness, respect, negation, co-operation, dissent, listening, and courage. Walk like an Egyptian!

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Hello world!

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